24 August 2012

Hair Accessories DIYCYA

Are you wondering what DIYCYA means? Well, let me tell you! :) DIYCYA is Do It Yourself 'Cuz You're Awesome!


I love push-ups, and I always thought there was something I could use the bottom for. And so, here comes the DIYCYA!

 You will need:

A hot glue gun
scrap-book tape {optional}
flower or something to put on the push-up bottom
push-up bottom 
 Using your hot glue gun, put a small swirl of glue on your push-up bottom.
 Put your flower on top and press.
 I didn't just use only crochet flowers, I also used fabric flowers!
 For this type of fabric flower, you will need:
Fabric petals
glue gun
scrap-book tape {optional}
push-up bottom
 Place a small drop of glue on your push-up bottom, and press a petal on it. Place a small drop of glue on the petal, and press the next petal on it. If you are using different colored petals, use the next color.
 Repeat until you have used the rest of your petals, or until you are done.

 They are almost done!
 Using your scrap book tape, tape it around the sides of the push-up bottom.
 If your scrap book tape is too big, like mine, you could cut it, or fold it over to the inside side.

   This is what it looks like it my hair! You can't see the scrap-book tape, but it adds a nice touch. :)
If you do this, be sure to tell me, and add the link! :)
P.S. I might be interested in selling some AG dolls and clothes! Any suggestions for where to sell {EX: Amazon, Ebay...}, or tips? :)


Please be nice and respectful to each other.


p.s. you're looking fab today.