03 March 2012

Fancy Pants Kanani!

Yes, Kanani will be styling this one. This one...what? A NEW AG DRESS! Yes, I got the Petal and Posies Dress! I think it is great, and very pretty, so I will do a little review on it.
 This here is Kanani. I think her dark skin looks lovely with the dress.
 These are the shoes! All girls know shoes are the big part of any AG outfit. The only dislike I have with them is the rubber part is gray. I'd prefer white, but at least they aren't black!
 The back of the dress. My mistake, the bow doesn't tie in at the side. It can, but normally it doesn't.
 Without the bows.
 And with a bow in the back!
 Kanani being fancy. I am really impressed by this dress. AG could of been cheap and saved money by only putting one layer of the dress, but they put two, just like a real dress!
 Very beautiful embroidery.
 I love the clip!
 Kanani with her hair down.
 It reaches about right where her hair is. I would of liked it better if it was a longer dress. :o)
Kanani playing with her doll!
So overall, with all the disappointments and likes, I think this is a awesome dress for a awesome doll.

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