23 March 2012

*Trying to Have a ''Normal'' Post*/News Flash

Um, not working. My blog will never be normal, and I'm proud of that. :)
So, this week has been sorta crazy, though without school. But back to the doll stuff.
McKenna's most important stuff are all back-ordered for at least two or three months. AG didn't do such a great job of estimating how many people would really love her. Great job, AG.
~Tyson's Corner American Girl Place~
The AG Place at Tyson's is the closest to me. I saw on a doll lover's website that Tyson's has limited buyers to only three McKenna items. Wow. Just great. I was planning to buy a lot of McKenna items in the up-coming May/slightly later. I think I may be buying her stuff in different orders or just totally choosing another doll. Sorta disappointing. I think McKenna's hair looks awesome to style. Since I didn't get a lot of Kanani's stuff that I wanted I had decided to buy ALL of McKenna's stuff.
Has the store closest to you limited McKenna's stuff, too? Tell me all about it in  comment and I may post it on my blog!

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