20 March 2012

The life time of the dead.....My Book

Weird and slightly spooky book title, (hopefully) not spooky at all. Read ahead, and feel free to stop at any time.
by: Madeline
Chapter thingy one: (*may be title later*)
 ''You tell him.''
''No, I won't. You do it.''
''Decide quickly. He's coming, and he'll be here any second now,'' came a different voice. ''Fine, I'll do it, but don't blame me if he bursts into tears,'' said the golden blonde. ''He won't. I'm sure of that. He'll just be...slightly... upset,'' said Kanani, the girl with the tropical look. ''Who?'' Asked a boy standing in the corner. ''Jake!''
''Jake?'' Asked Katie. ''Katie!'' The boy cried.
 Katie turned to Kanani. ''You didn't say he was Jake!'' She screamed. ''I didn't know, honestly!'' Kanani cried. ''You!'' Katie turned to the true blonde. ''You knew all along. You even wanted me to tell him!''
 ''I can't. I won't. Kanani, you do it,'' Katie said and turned away.
''Great, Kit,'' came a grumble from somebody else in the crowd. ''Really, Kit?'' Asked a girl with green eyes.
 ''Look me in the eyes, Jake,'' Kanani ordered. Kanani's voice stumbled.
 ''It seems none of you can tell him. Jake, I lived in the 1500's. My family and I were traveling on the Oregon Trail when I was struck sick with chicken-pox. I died,'' Kit explained.
''Okay,...wait...you died? YOU DIED?!'' Jake was horror-struck.
''I died. We all died. Katie died. You died.''
 Jake looked at all the dead girls around him, most from a different time period.
 ''I'm sorry Jake.'' Katie walked out of the shadows. ''It shouldn't of been so early.''

What do you think? Is it horrible, is it okay, what? I'm thinking of writing more of the story and posting it on the blog every so often.
But anyway, look at this b-day cake! It was made for ME! I was with friends celebrating my birthday (early). I will be eleven! (I never thought I'd ever have any followers when I first got my blog. Thank you!)


  1. That's really awesome!
    I like your blog! :D

  2. Thank you~ I thought people might not like this story.


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