26 March 2012

In Honor of my 50th Post....

I have decided to show you some more of Katie's ''Trip-around-the-World'' classes! By now some of the other girls have joined...Kanani and Rebecca. And you never know...you may learn something too!
Trip Around the World class: Hawaii
''Hello girls!'' Cheerfully said the Trip Around The World teacher, Miss Susan. ''Hello Miss Susan,'' answered all the girls. ''Today we are learning about Hawaii,'' said Miss Susan. ''Are we going to eat shark?'' Lilly asked. Miss Susan laughed. ''Maybe another time, Lilly,'' she said. ''But,'' she added, ''I did bring a shaved ice machine. Unlike snow cones, shaved ice is more powdery. I have three flavors, Cherry, Root beer, and Lime, after class I will hand them out.''
Miss Susan reached in her yellow tote for the U.S.A. map. She took a ruler from somewhere else in her bag and pointed to Hawaii. ''Can anybody tell me what is the capital of Hawaii?'' Miss Susan asked. There were lots of answers, ''I know! I know!''; and only one girl silently raised her hand. ''Kanani, as you seem to not be screaming, you may answer,'' Miss Susan said. Kanani answered, her face rather pale with worry. Am I right? She wondered. ''Correct!'' Miss Susan announced. Kanani sighed with relief. ''Allright girls, please right this down on your note pads;'' Miss Susan wrote on the black-board. Molly wrote down,
Hawaii is not touching America, because it, also like Alaska, is in the ocean. Many people travel to Hawaii for celebrations, because it is known for wonderful surfing as well as food. Hawaii goes by island time. Common items in Hawaii:
Sunscreen, surfboards, swimsuits, water, shaved ice, swimming lessons shacks, and more.

''Very good, girls. Remember, I'll quiz you on some of these!" Miss Susan said.


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