09 March 2012

My wish-list for AG

I have around $140 which I am saving for a big trip to AG. (I don't feel like counting my money right now, sorry.) I want to show you my wish-list! I plan on going there at the end of May, so I likely won't get all I want.
Addy Doll, Book & Accessories

Addy's Birthday Outfit

McKenna's Starter Collection

McKenna's Loft Bed

McKenna's Cast & Crutches

McKenna's Fancy Outfit

McKenna's Dog

McKenna's Pajamas

I think all of these are really cute! I also want to get all of McKenna's Collection, and maybe an extra piece or two. Why? Because I want to sell it for slightly more than I bought it when McKenna retires. If I get more than I payed for, I might try buying an extra Doll Of The Year for 2013!

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