22 March 2012


My first ever post. No, I'm not Madeline. I'm Kanani!
See? That super duper awesome person right there is me. Anyway...I've been seeing a poster of a new doll in Madeline's room. Here name is...uhh....lemme think...oh yes! McKenna! Pretty name, right? She's also really pretty. She's the GOTY of 2012 Island. You see, all of the AG GOTY's have their own island. I own the 2011 Island. I've only ever seen blurry pictures of it, because nobody has really ever been to any of the islands. We'll go to explore only once we are forgotten by most people, even the people who own us (by then we might be in the attic, getting dusty!).
I have to do homework. :o9 (If your awesome try to lick your nose!)

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