28 July 2014

Goodbye Summer

I read somewhere that August is like the Sunday of summer, and I must agree. You want to enjoy the last gasps of freedom you've got, but at the same time Monday--or in this case, school--is too close for comfort. 

We bought graham crackers and marshmallows today and I lost no time sticking a dark chocolate dove in-between them and throwing it in the microwave. 

I've got this strange thing where I just want to buy all the books I can and read them before I'm forced to waste away at a desk, you know? 

The last little bit of random words for you today:
I've been mixing cool whip {it's basically better whip cream that comes in a tub} with melted dark chocolate and putting it on top of coffee... GURL. All the yums in my tum tums. >.<


  1. Yummy! I love dove chocolates!

  2. S'mores..I need some of those right about now.

    That August/Sunday simile is so perfect! My birthday is near the very end of August so I always know when my birthday comes it means school is starting in a couple days...

  3. I just had s'mores for the first time in a while on Saturday...(The last time was when I was a child which I don't remember what it tasted like...There also was no marshmallow involved. XD)

    I like that "August is the Sunday of Summer and school is the dreaded Monday" thing...Cooleo.

    1. P.S. That whipped cream and melted chocolate thing sounds amazing.

  4. I just had to follow your blog!!
    Lucy x0x


  5. Oh yummy gimme. :)
    I'm so sad + sorry for you, with Summer ending for you, and school coming...but if I'm honest I won't lie, and I'll say I'm so glad that Winter is almost over for me, and Summer is coming, coming... (Living in the Southern Hemisphere...August is flippin' freezin' right now)


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