13 July 2014

Her Soul was Alight

This is my entry for the lovely Tane's writing contest in honor of her grand total of seventy followers. Go enter, you've only got until the thirtieth! :)

She had been beaten and abused, so many times.
Words, the same ones she loved so dearly, had been used to bring her down.
To make her feel small, insignificant. Like she didn't matter, like she was a blotch on the earth's surface. 
Ones she loved had died, leaving her alone in the world with nobody to lean on.
It had taken her time; her heart had had to mend in her arms.
Yet she was triumphant. Through all her pain and suffering she was still the image of grace and love. 
The world had her down but her soul was alight, soaring with the eagles in the sky.


My story such a little nothing, but it's something. :p

two post scripts: If you would like to have your name in a story on my blog, click here! I would love to have more entries. :)

Also, I bought the first two books in the Shatter Me trilogy. Has anybody read them? I've heard a lot of good reviews and I'm excited.


  1. Oh. My.
    That was so beautiful, and I felt every word become apart of me - I felt them in me.
    Gorgeous writing piece, Maddie, I am SO glad you entered.

    1. Thank you Tane. I'm glad I entered too because I usually don't do writing contests but I had to for yours. :)

  2. That was a beautiful poem. It was so profound and- well it was great! Keep writing!!- Jollygirl from the blog: http://reflectionsofajollygirl.blogspot.com/

  3. PS: I've awarded you with the sunshine award...and of course, you don't have to do it, but I thought I'd let you know, so that you know you deserve that and SO much more.


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