03 August 2014

Movie Theaters

I love movie theaters. I love being surprised at how large a medium coke truly is; I love the sickly sweet smell of soda and burnt popcorn. 
I love being too cold, I love drinking so much coke that your throat is dry and scratchy and you can't get the taste of sweetness out of your mouth.
I love mid movie promises that you will never drink coke again and I love trying to drink it all but knowing you can't.
I love the sound being too loud and I love the hissed whispers behind me. 
I love previews of movies made after books I've read; I love dimming lights and knowing it's starting.


I think I love movie theaters so much because I very rarely go. It almost makes it more special. Today I saw Guardians of The Galaxy, and can I just talk about how much I love Chris Pratt? I don't love him like I love Theo James {I didn't love him until he played Four}, but because he's squishy cute and has a great personality. I remember him on Parks and Rec and maybe that's why I love him so much. 
That being said, did it surprise anybody else how much it swore? DANG GIRL. I walked into it thinking it was rated PG, because it's diffidently shown that way in the trailer. Maybe it was the talking raccoon that led me to believe it was PG.


  1. LOL! I love movie theaters, too! :D I watched Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday (my family got home around 12:30 in the morning) and it was AH-MAZING!!!! I can't wait for the sequel in 2016! Yeah, there was a lot of cursing-- I knew there was cursing and cussing and all that adult shebang, but not THAT much. :D

    xoxo Morning

  2. I love movie theaters. :) Oh my goodness, I want to see Guardians of the Galaxy soooooooo much! Chris Pratt is definitely squishy cute. >.<
    I nominated you for the Beautiful Blog award. Head over to my blog for the questions. :)



  3. Ahaha, whenever I go I always get an Ice-ee...Perhaps the drinks at the movie theater are just bigger than normal sized drinks. :P

  4. Beautiful! Always love going to the movie theaters. :)

  5. Great post! Can we button swap? Your is on my page!


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