06 July 2014

July Fourth

I got to see fireworks from a boat on the water, which was so amazingly cool.  All the pictures below are low quality, but it was dark. :p

The next day I went blueberry picking with my family for the first time, and that was lots of fun. Blueberries warm from the sun is one of the very best things.

Two post scripts:

(a) If you haven't yet entered in my contest, please do! I just hit 100 followers and I want to thank y'all. :) See the post before this for ALL DAH DEETS. 

(b) Maybe I'll be the first to say it: all of my recent posts have been sucky-ish. I'm just trying to put up something, anything for y'all even when I have no inspiration. I promise better posts in the future, but please let me find that motivation first. :) I'm going to put up a poll on the side and if you could vote on it, that would be lovely.


Please be nice and respectful to each other.


p.s. you're looking fab today.