25 July 2014

100 Followers Contest Winner

Since I posted my 100 followers contest at the beginning of the month, I have gained 9 more followers, which is totally and utterly amazing. I love you guys.

The winner was chosen using random.org. :)

You can check out her blog here.

Clara's thoughts were spinning as her words came alive on the computer screen. Her fingertips raced as quickly as they could to give every detail and sparkle of imagination into the story. It started to form as characters danced in her head, each being given their own life. 
They were no longer stationary, stuck in her head as Clara did other things. The characters woke up once again as the words started to flow. 
The cup of tea soon grew cold; Clara didn't even care about it anymore. All she could think of was her story, and how it was growing.


Maybe I should have waited until a bout of inspiration hit me, but I needed to finish the contest so it wasn't really an option. 

And in an editing state of mind: the cup of tea was sort of a weird add in detail, so I wouldn't do that for other stories. I decided to put it in because of the picture but it really has nothing to do with the plot.

So, now that we are all good and improved with our writing skills {k, maybe not. but it helped me. -.-}, I will see you guys later. :)

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