31 December 2014

New Year's Reevaluations and Resolutions**

**Change this word to ''Goals'' please in your mind. I just wanted the two Rs so it sounds snappy when you say it. For real, try it. ;)**

I'm really sorry for that weird H if it bother you too

I'm sure you already know this, but tomorrow is a new year. 2015. Oh boy.

There are a few personal things I want to work on in 2015 and I'll get into that later but right now a want to talk about things concerning this blog and the new year.
During January, I really want to reevaluate why I have this blog. With some people, you can read their post about anything --mushrooms, for an example-- and be totally transfixed. It's just a natural talent for writing anything. They phrase their words so beautifully and string them elegantly together and I really don't believe I have that. Sure, I'm great and what not at poems, but how often do I actually post those? I'm seriously thinking about letting this blogging chapter of my life end. I love sharing my writing pieces with you guys and I hope y'all like them too; but my posts about anything else are so bland. One option is to keep this blog open only for my poems, but then I feel like it'd gather dust {if it could} in-between each infrequent post, and I really don't want a ''dusty'' blog.
If I do decide to keep In The Wind I think a lot of things would be changing. I really want to be taking more of my own pictures. I want to share more of my life, even the ridiculous stuff.

As for personal goals, I've decided to have three big goals to work on throughout the whole year, and one small goal that I can accomplish each month. Some things take more than just one month to work on, so that would be a year goal. I'm going to decide each month's goal as I come to it. But as for the year's goal:

  • {this is the average cliche one so beware} I want to eat healthier. Maybe your family does this too but for mine we usually eat healthy for the first two months of the new year and then flicker off {nothing bad with this: it's better than never having that goal and spending those months eating bad stuff instead}. Yes, I'm counting myself in there. But this year even if I'm alone I want to genuinely try to make healthier choices. You only have one body, which is precisely why you should both eat chocolate and broccoli. 

  • I want to say yes to more things. Not only am I introverted but I'm also very shy. I want to learn how to embrace my introvert-ness and yet still say yes {to group activities and trying new things} and still be friendly and social. 

  • I want to rewrite Into the Woods. If you don't know when I was about 12/11 I wrote a short story {130 pages or so}. It was a fantasy snow white retelling. I've tried writing so many different things since then but none of them flowed so magnificently like that one did. It was the best feeling. I absolutely loved that story and I still did. There was never a day when I didn't want to work on it. I'm beginning to think I may only ever have one story that pours out of my soul so naturally, and if I do; I want to stop wasting my time and start perfecting that story. It was written when I was pretty young so obviously it's crap, but I still love the plot and I want to try to rewrite it and round out the plot. I'm going to keep most of the scenes, but add more in and develop the scenes and the characters more. So basically I'm rewriting all of it and keeping the inspiration there. :p

January's goal:

  • Drink more water. This is also a unofficial year goal but I have a filtered water bottle, and there are very few bad things water can do to you. Better skin and metabolism? Don't mind if I do. ;)

Please tell me your goals and spread the inspiration below. If you want, leave encouragement on other comments. I have no doubt we are all going to have a fantabulous new year.


  1. I actually had those exact same goals last year! and I want to encourage you by saying that I did indeed accomplish each one of those things. and I believe that you can too! Just stick too it and have patience when yourself. also, dont count tripping up on some things a failure. its a process and you gotta remember that and not beat yourself up about it.

    I do hope you continue to keep this blog, but if you truly believe this chapter in your life is coming to a close then I pray you'l have the courage to close it. I know one thing that I've always kept in mind when it comes to blogging is, while yes its kinda selfish, but its to blog when it works for you about things that interest you. if you're not happy with the way your blog is going, change it! the followers that love you will stick around; and the rest, well, they're not important anyway. (haters gonna hate)


    1. That's so cool! That's really encouraging too, so thanks. :)

      Yeah, I feel differently about it every time I think about it. I want to have made a choice about it at the end of January. Thank you for the prayer! I always feel better when somebody tells me they're praying for me. ;)

      HAPPY NEW YEAR! *dances*

  2. Eating healthier is like the classic one. I want to do it too.
    Happy new year Madeline! I hope Into The Woods works out how you want it to :)
    Have a great year, you super talented girl ^_^

    1. We can do it together!
      Thank you! Haha I really need to rename it considering that new movie. ;p
      Right back at you! Xx

  3. I'm with you all the way with those first two. Definitely. x
    Loved the post, hun.


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