06 September 2014

Things I'm Grateful For

I was thinking today about everything I didn't have and I wanted. I had a long list-- a glittery Kate Spade phone case, some more makeup, a ton of books... and I had to tell myself several times before I believed it, I already have so much. Not only the basic things needed to live, but so many things I don't need but have for comfort and entertainment. 

{If this is word heavy skip to the list to get a read over}

The Basics:

I've got a house; it's beautiful and has happy yellow walls. I have a bed; it's ridiculously soft and cuddly. I have food to eat; not only the norms but things I like to eat. I have water; it's flavored. I have clothing; it's warm and fits me but not only that, it's pretty too. I have winter coats; I'll admit I actually have a lot more coats than I need because I love them so much. I have some pretty amazing family and friends who care for me and sacrifice so much. I have an education, and I'm getting one currently; but I'm home schooled, too. {Once again, I have an education... there are people in this world who don't have one and desperately want it, and I'm complaining about algebra}. I have medicine, not only that but it's readily available for me when I need it.

The Excess:

I have some pricey makeup; I don't have a lot of it but the ones I do I enjoy so much. I bought this pretty dress yesterday that I didn't need in the slightest. I have wants that I can entertain. I have a phone and Internet to go with it. I have a dog and two birds and I can feed them. I have junk. Junk means I had too much stuff in the first place and instead of complaining about it it should be an honor.  I have a library close by and I have a pretty dandy library card for it. I have many happy memories of buying orange tic-taks at the grocery store and visits to the library and jolly Christmas'; I can't think of many bad memories. I sorta mentioned this above, but I eat food for pleasure rather than to live, and that's a blessing. In America I can practice my religion freely; so many others are persecuted for it in other countries. I dance about nine hours a week, and that gets pricey but I have wonderful parents who support it and pay for it. I have a ton of books; I don't need any of them in the slightest but I have them so I can read them whenever I want. I don't like my body sometimes but I have to remember that it's pretty amazing just because it works. I can move it and it keeps my healthy, and technically I could create a small human with it {I'm not going to anytime soon though}. I have shoes not just because they protect my feet but because I enjoy them. I have some amazing followers who leave the nicest comments and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside {like a pumpkin spice latte}.

The Excess heavily outweighs The Basics and I could go on much longer about The Excess.

Things I'm grateful for that I want to stress:

  • Our bodies. It's something us humans complain about often and we forget the amazing things we can do with it.
  • My education
  • House, food, bed, warm clothing, and everything else I can name off carelessly.
  • My biggest worries are my pinkie toe's nail coming off {it freaks me out} and I can't even think of anything else because I'm blessed not to have many.
  • Junk. It means you have an excess amount of stuff {that is hidden under my bed *awkward cough*}
  • Freedom to choose my own religion and practice it.

This was rather rant heavy and maybe it was boring and you didn't care; but it helped me realize everything I have. You guys know I love you but I do this blog for me, not you guys. <3
Also, you probably know the rift but I wasn't bragging, and all those other things I don't need to say because you guys understand.

What are you grateful for?


  1. This is sucha lovley post :) x
    I am grateful that I am alive, that my parents are the best, for all the blessings I have recieved and that nothing that bad has happened to me. I am also grateful for my friends and for the readers of my blog.
    Hope you can visit my site.

    my blog || Bloglovin

  2. Thanks Sammie! All wonderful things. :) I certainly will check out your blog. xx


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