04 September 2014

Music You Should Listen To

I'm not a die-hard music person but I still have my favorites and I definitely think you should listen to them. ;)

Cool Kids - Echosmith

 A Sky Full Of Stars - Coldplay


Don't - Ed Sheeran


That crazy british man.

What is your favorite songs?


  1. I love love looooooove Echosmith! Cool Kids is one of my favorites by them. I got to meet them this summer, which was rad. They're great:)

    my favorites are basically everything by twenty one pilots. and Red Sam by Flyleaf. Also, Gone Gone Gone by Phillip Phillips has been getting to me lately. :)
    thanks for sharing! I need to listen to more Ed Sheeran and Coldplay <3

  2. Those are amazing songs!! Love Ed Sheeran so much! <3


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