28 April 2012

Ivy Tells the Rest

Ivy here again! My English is as good as gold...is that what you say here? I have decided to tell the rest of my story with my twin, McKenna, right beside me. Her notes will be in blue, while mine will be in pink.
A day after my mother died, my father decided it was time to move.
''But where is Ma? She wants to go, too,'' whined Mei. ''Ma can't come. She already went. She'll be waiting for you,'' my father soothed Mei. ''But I want her now!''
 Mei would not move until Ma came. ''I can't get her to budge,'' Papi worriedly told the farmer. ''We will take care of her,'' the farmer's wife said. Papi looked back at Mei. He sighed.
Mei was left behind. ''Ivy, you and I must make good time.'' I nodded. We didn't have anything to slow us down now. But we didn't have Mei or Ma. But Papi would come back for Mei. Of course he would; I told myself. We kept going for months; until Papi could go no longer. ''Papi! Papi, stay with me,'' I begged. ''Ivy, go back for Mei. Go to a orphanage. Take good care of her,'' and Papi talked no longer. I knew what I had to do. Get Mei. Get to an orphanage. It was Papi's last wish. I walked back for Mei a long long time. But it turned out the farmers were forced to move not long after Papi and I had left. I had no one left in the world. I stayed in the woods for a day longer, but I passed out from lack of food. I was found by a young women. ''Ekkkk!'' She screamed. She bent down to help me. My eyes rolled. ''Orphanage,'' I whispered. She seemed to understand, because the next time I woke up I was in a dark room. ''I think she's alright,'' declared a tawny hair-colored girl leaning over me.
That was me, wasn't it? I know it is. I remember it. I'll tell the story now, Ivy. So I leaned over her. Prissie was giggling over her almond shaped eyes. They were not normal in the States. But they were pretty. When Ivy woke up she seemed rather surprised to see me. ''Kenna?'' She asked. I laughed. ''So you remembered!'' I said. Earlier in the year my father had gone to China to be a missionary. He died later, so I went to a orphanage near my home. Ivy and I had been good friends for the while we had played together. ''Kenna,'' Ivy whispered to herself. Prissie giggled once more. ''She's not a sponge, is she?'' Prissie teasingly asked. ''Oh, be quiet Prissie. I'm surprised you even remember that,'' I sharply said. Prissie rolled her eyes. A month ago Prissie and I had decided there were two groups of people. Sponges and Not Sponges. Sponges were the really smart ones. They could remember anything you ever said; they sorta soak in your voice. Thus named Sponges. 
Ivy and I decided on being twins a year later. We had birthdays very close together, and we had nobody in the world to call our own. So then we had each other. 
And that's how we got here.
~McKennA and IvY

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