25 April 2012

Back to Your Normal Posting....

Yep, that's right! You can expect something about dolls this time! Dream. Dress. Play. (it's a blog) put out a free pattern for a doll-sized tote! I decided to try it, and guess what? It was not only easy and simple, but pretty, too! I did the Ruffle Tote, out of three totes I could of done.
 Ivy with the tote. I admit, I did make several mistakes, but it was out of my own clumsiness. :o)
 :p I need to clean my floor....
 Can you see the ruffles? They were pretty hard, but also the instructions (I went sorta free-style) were not the best for me. Others may have different arguments.
 It even has lining. Why don't I get bags this cool?!
 Close up.
 Even more. Looky at this! You can even see the stitches I did when sewing the ribbon down, because you turn it over so it won't show. How cool is this?!

 Ruffles. They were hard to make, but as I said, I did go a little free-style. Mind you I sewed this ALL by hand. My rating:
For hand stitching: Advanced.
For machine sewing: Beginner.
And then I just want to show you my fish-tail braid. I'm a braiding fashionista! I learned to do 3 different types of braids (fish-tail, Dutch side braid, and French braid) during the week! (I'm not showing my face, one, because my chin is still sorta blotchy from when I fell, two, because who doesn't love a red iPad case in front of your face?!)
P.S. Please vote for my writing entry by emailing Nora at nora.demington@gmail.com and saying, 'I vote for entry no. 6 (Princess Katie)'
Please and thank you! Oh, and if I win I'll have a you pick AG outfit, and then I'll buy it and make a post out of it! :o)

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