01 May 2012

Kenna Wants a Room, an AG photo story

Hey yall!
I figured if I moved my desk I'd have more room for a AG room! So, I did. Now comes the trouble... Who gets it? Let's find out in this AG photo story!
''Hi, Kenna. As you're new here, I figured I'd ask you if you need any help?'' Becca asked.
 ''Well,....I want a room,'' Kenna replied.
 ''A room!'' Becca exclaimed.
 ''What's the trouble?!'' Katie came in, short of breath.
 ''Kenna wants a room!''
 ''Then she can have it. Do you like it, Kenna?'' Katie asked, leading them to a large room.
 ''Just one thing... It's meant for two dolls.''
 Kenna was startled. She wanted a room, not a room mate!
Will Kenna agree to sharing a room?
Or will she abandon her ideas?
I hoped you all liked it!

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