16 April 2012

AG Trip

I live near a American Girl Place;
I am also home schooled, and go to CO-OP. At CO-OP we have a AG class (I'm not in it, but I went anyway) and they decided, as for the closing trip, to go to the AG place!
 It was wonderful! For the times I've been, I've always felt I've been rushed; but today was different. We were aloud to wander a little (not far off). I took my time and enjoyed it tons! After a wait for about fifteen minutes, my group and I went for lunch. Lunch was amazing! We were at the very back, because we had such a big group (30-40 people estimated)! We took up two tables put together, one in-the-middle table, and a table at the side for the adults. After an appetizer of warm pretzel bits, melted cheese that tasted better than butter, and mustard, a salon stylest came over to our table. She showed us the basic care of doll hair, and then our wonderful lunch arrived. I ordered Tic-tac-toe Pizza. For circles were pepperoni, and X's small bits of green pepper. Lunch was served with water and pink lemonade.
After Lunch we were given goody-bags (as shown above) and then took a tour of the AG Place. Then, we wandered and shopped a bit more, and said good bye to friends.
 Duncan, my dog, came to investigate! You can see my toe and knee in this picture!
 He wanted a close-up :)
 Poster from the goody-bag.
 The Quiz Book. We were each given different books in our goody-bags.

 Total of what I got!
And Ivy with the bag!

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