28 April 2012

Yes, I am crazy

But haven't you noticed? ;o)
Life has been crazy. Yesterday I was Owl in Winnie-the-Pooh. It was horrible. I think people just said I did well because they felt sorry for me. But anyway, I went to a AG store today. It was fun. And guess who I brought with me when I went back home??!
 I know. I could be a fashion/home fashion-designer. :o)
 She's so pretty!
 Fish-tail braids!

 I like her outfit.
 I bought the McKenna Starter Set. I love this outfit, it was one of the reasons I bought it!

 Twins united at last. I got Ivy to post some more of her story (part 2) she's still working on it though.

 Katie and McKenna. Katie is a MAG 39 (?), and she doesn't look like McKenna.
McKenna has a whole different face mold. Her lips are slightly larger, pinker, and I think her hair/eyes may be different.
 what I bought within a month:
Ready to Fly!
I love Nature (clothing set)
AG Shirt
McKenna's Warm-up Set
McKenna's accessories
McKenna's other clothing thingy
See? This is why I'm crazy. :o)

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