09 April 2012

Happy Late Easter :'(

Happy late Easter....
Yes, you can tell from the sad face that I am bummed. Hince why this post is late. Easter was beautiful, Church wonderful, and friends awesome. So why was this post late?
First of all, we went to my Grammie's and Granddaddy's house for Easter (Yes, they live in VA.) We stayed their until about 7:44, not leaving much time to post. However I had set my mind to posting, so I got supplies to take a picture of Ivy and some Easter candy. Until I noticed I had forgotten to get a cord to attach my mom's iPad (what I take pictures with) to the family Mac Book Air. That I had left in my dad's office, which was off-limits because my little brother made a mess in it. My dad would not let me get, nor would he get it, so I took the picture anyway (because Ivy was ready). And so I posted this post tomorrow, A.K.A. today.  And that is my post of sadness. *Carry on now with your chocolatey smiles and Easter baskets full of candy*
*Insert late picture here*

Ivy and the rest wish you a very merry berry Easter!!!!

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