26 April 2012

Beckie's Tea Party

Hi all, it's Beckie here! I decided to host a tea party...as there were only three seats, I decided to invite Molly and Ivy!
So why?
Because look above! My hair has been totally brushed out, and then curled again! Human will tell you how she did it.
 Madeline here, what I used:
Spry Bottle
towel (not shown)
Cover eyes and body of doll. Spry hair (a LOT, LOT, LOT, LOT!!!!) and then totally brush out any curls. It should be flat. When all tangles are out, take hair brush and curl hair around it. Leave in for a few seconds. Un-do and hair is in a spiral.
My Rebecca's doll hair was still silky, but a little frizzy. I would not suggest doing this, which is why I didn't give you pictures. Also when taken out it will be more like a spiral than a curl.
 But other than that, I like it. Also I would only use it as a last resort. (I can't guaranty anything)

With all that said and done, Beckie says, ''Tea?''

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