02 April 2012

Ivy's Background Story

(Madeline typing:) Ivy wanted permission to work/post (I try to make all dolls understand this is 'normally' not play and not to hack my blog. :P. But anyway,) on my blog. I thought this would be a good chance for Ivy to understand more English, so I said yes.
(Ivy typing:) Hey, I am Ivy. (Correction from Felicity, the only one she really so far trusts: 'Hey, I'm Ivy,')
Yeah, sorry for that. I am not so good at my English yet. I have asked Kit to correct this once I am done. I have decide to share with you my story. Please listen;
As this picture shows, I miss China much. My memories are wonderful, yet not all are so wonder wonderful. I had thought my life was slightly bad before I went to the orphanage, but now I see I was much wrong. My father was wanted. He hadn't done nothing wrong, but yet he was accused so. My family, Ma, Papi, and my little sister was always on the run.
We did not settle for long. The longest settle I remember is when Ma died. A poor but kind family had let us rest for the night, seeing as my sister, Mei (named after my cousin), was horrible sick. They nursed her, slowly, back to life. My ma, sick with the same as Mei, seemed much better. It was later we found out she was worse then Mei. A day before Mei was fully better, Ma called me to her side. ''Ivy,'' she said, ''Light your path with wisdom and hope and beauty, never let your light falter. I have faith in you. To burn bright, you must have faith in yourself.'' Those were the last words my Ma ever spoke.

Felicity here, as Ivy is now crying so hard she can no longer type, I think this is the end of the post. We'll try to get Ivy to post more when she can. :(

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