18 April 2012

Dolls Need Care, Too!

Hi, this is a guest post with....Felicity! Yay! We all know I'm your favorite, right? ;)

Anyway, this is a post about how to properly care for your doll's hair. We can't tell you when you brush too hard, so it's up to us to post it!
 Every doll needs to look her best, so.... no fly-aways! Brushing your dolls hair with a NEW tooth brush can take away those fly-aways!
Remember not to brush your doll's hair with your toothbrush...always get a new un-used tooth brush!
 Properly caring for your doll's hair can insure years of silky fun hair, that can be styled many times! Also, NEVER EVER EVER use your doll hairbrush on your own hair!!!! Your hair has oils (everybody's hair does) that can damage your doll's hair, possibly leading to baldness.

 A few ideas of what you should have to style and care for your doll's hair:
*Tooth brush
* AG Doll hairbrush
* Spry Bottle (not shown)
There are so many more ways to care for your dolls, other than just her hair! Try looking them up with parent's permission.

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