26 May 2012

Your chance to be interviewed!

So, here it is. The long awaited moment. And I have 11 followers instead of 10!
Important details:
1. If you win, you'll need to email (I can arrange through comments though) me your answers to my questions.
2. You need parent's permission (but it's not like I'm going to send you anything).
3. I'll have a link back to your bloggie (if you want).
4. You can add pictures to your answers if wanted.
You can enter below by commenting. Please say that you'd like to enter and you have parent's permission. Please DO NOT comment your email.... if you win you and I can arrange that (I have my ways....) . And say your favorite thing about summer... just to make it fun. :o)
I'll choose the winner June 8. It'll be picked randomly... by way of the hat! :o)
That's all. I hope you'll have fun!


  1. Hi! I would like to enter and I have my parents permission! My favorite thing about Summer is having no homework! :)


  2. We would love to be interviewed (we have permission!) and our favorite thing about summer is long days by the pool!

  3. Hey! I would love to be interviewed! I have my permission to be interviewed. My favorite thing about summer is hanging out with friends and family here in District 12!

  4. Hi I would like to enter and I have permission to enter. My favorite thing about summer is hanging with friends and reading.


Please be nice and respectful to each other.


p.s. you're looking fab today.