13 May 2012

Jamie, Chapters one and two

Jamie stories are a new thing I'm doing. None of these are my photos....yet.
I have Hope

Jamie wondered carelessly if she should be dead yet. This often happened to her... But it didn't make it anymore enjoyable. Jamie, it seemed, was bound by an invisible spell. You could hurt Jamie, but you couldn't kill her. She was insured death by old age.
Jamie was a not-so-fashionable (by the school cheerleaders, anyway) 14-year old. Black-brown hair, brown eyes, that was her. Exactly.
Jamie wiggled onto her stomach, grunting slightly before stopping herself. Poseidon was here, still angrily looking for his daughter. His black-brown haired, brown eyed daughter. In other words, her.

She was the daughter of Poseidon and Arithdite. Not immortal but  bound by spells... which can easily be turned into curses. Aphrodite had pleaded with Zeus for Jamie to be mortal.
''Please, Zeus, 'life is only precious because it ends'!'' Aphrodite pleaded with Zeus. ''You know that child should of never been born. Hephaestus will be in a rampage!'' Zeus thundered. ''Just one reason more to make her mortal, Zeus!" Aphrodite said. ''Fine,'' Zeus said, ''But with all favors, there must be a spell. Curse, in other words. She will die of old age. She will live to see things unknown to us now, things that will happen far, far, in the future. But she will carry the weight of the Heavens on her shoulders, so to speak.
'' She will travel far, and be known across the lands. Hated, yet loved, by many. She will be greater than Hera, Queen of the Heavens (Hera frowned deeply at this). Yet she will die; and be forgotten by many. Until only one is left of her kind, and then she shall be known. It will go on forever until one young women, descendant of Jamie, you call her, shall stop the curse. Even I don't know how. But she, Jamie, that is, will live a life of suffering until... until... she meets (who does she meet? Oh, let met see now)... Ares!'' Zeus finished. ''Ares!'' Aphrodite exclaimed. ''Oh... Thank you, most kind ruler of everything. Thank you, for sparing my poor Jamie!'' Aphrodite quickly said.

''Jamie!'' Thundered Poseidon. Jamie could hear the waves of the ocean angrily splashing against the small ware shop. ''I told you not to go. Not to that movie. Not to that type of movie. Never. But did you listen? No.'' Poseidon lowered his voice. ''I'm sorry,'' he said, removing the broken table that covered Jamie. He picked her up and put her on his knee, like she was a small child again. ''I just don't like those sort of movies. I don't want you to get involved with war,'' he said. (''With Ares,'' he said softly.) ''I know.'' Jamie said. ''But you almost killed me.''
''As if I could!'' He said.
''Okay. So maybe I might have tried. But that was when I was angry. I'm not angry anymore, am I?'' He asked, poking Jamie's stomach with one finger. Jamie swatted his hand away when he tried it again.
''I do so hope I'm not breaking this father-daughter moment, but I have something important to tell you. From the Grand-pooh-ba himself.'' Hermes appeared out of thin air. '' He says, 'if you don't bring this message to Jamie, Hermes, I'll personally ripe out your throat.' Opps, wrong message! He says, ' Jamie, you are in need, gather your things at meet me and Pandora at Olympus. Poseidon, you may not come. Girl stuff.'''
''Then how come he can?!'' Asked Poseidon. Hermes did a bad job of hiding his delight over Poseidon's indignation. ''He thought you'd say that. 'I'm not listening, either. Hera will fill in my place. You can, though, join me for some ambrosia and meatballs.'''
''Not a bad offer,'' Poseidon said. Hermes laughed. ''I almost wish he invited me.'' Hermes sounded regretful. ''I don't really have anything worth taking, except for my backpack, which is here, so let's go,'' I finally spoke. Who is Pandora, and since when has Zeus taken such interest in me? I thought to myself. ''Okay. Hold on to something.'' Hermes ordered. I started to hug the broken-off leg of a table. ''No, not that, me,'' Hermes scowled. ''Sure. Just one problem. Hold what? The edge of your toga, arm, or, if you like, I'll hold your hair,'' I said. ''Stop being sarcastic and difficult. I think it's just easier to do this...'' He picked me up like I was weightless and said, ''coming, Poseidon?'' Before the haze of sparkles covered him from view.

Chapter two: Hope is Not Lost
''Never. Ever. Do. That. Again! Or I will kick your ''swift'' messenger bum!'' I said. Hermes made a ''tsk, tsk,'' sound. ''You do forget that you are talking to a god, don't you? And besides,'' Hermes grinned evilly, ''I'd like to see you try.''
''Gosh, you're as bad as Ares,'' Poseidon said. ''I like to think so,'' Hermes agreed. ''Oh Jamie, when I heard you were coming I was so excited! Somebody to talk to, somebody who'd understand!" A girl exclaimed, rushing towards me and nearly knocked me down from the big bear-hug she gave me. ''Pandora, you know that is most disgraceful. I am teaching you to be a lady, not a gladiator!'' Hera said. I understood it was Hera because many people know of her black-red hair. ''Then you will never succeed, Hera,'' Hermes said. Hera looked like she was about to slap him. ''As that may be, at least I can turn into something a little respectful!'' Hera coldly said. ''You know, she's here, listen to you talk like she isn't,'' I boldly spoke up. ''Oh yes. Quite sorry, Pandora,'' Hermes said. ''And as for you, little miss sarcastic, when you need me again, just say 'Hermes, Hermes, my awesome abnormally handsome hero, come save me!'''
''Okay, now I'm going to hurt you!" I said, but before I could he disappeared.

''I'm sorry about Hermes, Jamie,'' Hera said just as we were siting down. ''I wouldn't mind helping you crack a few eggs in his bed,'' Hera offered.  ''No, I'll get sweet revenge... Later,'' I said. ''Good idea. But for now, no questions until the end of the story.
''It all happened the day Pandora was showing the box to her bestie, Kenneth (an odd name for a girl I know) when she dropped it. It flew open letting out all of the evils. At this time Pandora and Kenneth were screaming their heads off, losing our dignity as women, until Kenneth had the idea to close the box. Two minutes after it opened, to be exact. Mortals.'' Hera sighed. ''All but one came out... Hope. It gave us hope. It was a sign that we could get all the evils back. Well, Jamie, Pandora and Kenneth to be right. I mean we didn't open it, did we?'' Hera asked. ''Me? But I didn't open it either!'' I yipped. ''Yes, dear, life isn't fair. Except for the gods, now,'' Hera chuckled. ''So not funny,'' I muttered under my breath. ''Hmm? I didn't catch that last bit, dear,'' Hera's tone took a dangerous sound. ''Nothing, Queen of Heavens. Nothing. But how are Pandora and Kenneth---we---going to get the evils?'' I asked. ''Oh, with this! Some of the finest, I'll assure you! All gifts from the gods. Let's start with...Oh! My favorite, the gift from me! Yes, you can believe your eyes. A wonderful little pouch fill of coins. Oh no, not that  sorta coins, the ones you mortals use, but only the best from myself! Worth ten of those... drachmas you use. Useful, aren't they? Any mortal you use them with will understand, only for a while mind you, what they are worth.
''The gift from Ares. Oh like you need a Swiss Army pocket knife! Puh-leeze! Moving on! Hermes... only the best, most fashionable sandals! You can walk in style, how delightful! Here, take them.''
I looked at the sandals. On mine were written...

From the best handsomest hero ever, Hermes

''Yeah, Hera, I think we need to do more than crack just a few eggs in Hermes's bed,'' I said. Hera grinned. ''You do know, Jamie, I can read your thoughts. And no, I won't stop. I like knowing what's going on it mortals's tiny brains. But anyway, from Aphrodite. Honestly, Jamie being her child and all I thought she would send something sensible. Oh well. A new outfit. Oh, but nice touch! Bejeweled leather jackets! How exciting for you, I'm sure!
''Athena...we all know she's still a sore loser... anyway, she sent... 'Necklaces of Wisdom, put them on and know everything' leave it to Athena to find some silly name. Apollo... felt the need to give you medicine. Mind you it's not cherry flavored. I've had this stuff before, it should be labeled 'sweaty hair flavored, straight from Zeus'! Sorry dear, you know I didn't mean it. Poseidon got you the Percy Jackson series and DVD. YEAH, POSEIDON, I'M SURE THEY'LL HAVE FLOATING DVD PLAYERS IN THE DESERT! Sorry dears. At least someone took the time to get you.... 'worth one free piggy back ride. Zeus.'   Sorry, but that's what I call stupid. Noooo, not you, dearest Zeus, only that they won't have time for piggy back rides! Oh, never mind. There's something under...  See? This is what I mean! A well thought out gift, yet stylish. 80's Hippie bags for all!''
'' Couldn't we have just gotten a fan?'' Asked Pandora. ''No. Could you carry all this stuff with a fan?'' Hera said. ''That's what I thought. We're having a  formal feast today, though! Everybody invited, except most of the minor gods. Who cares about them, though? Sorry Zeus, of course we love them. Sorta. Oh, a long lost present! It's from Hephaestus! A note...''

I still hate you.

'' Well that isn't very nice, is it? He just can't get over one tiny thing. I mean, it's not your fault you shouldn't of been born, right?'' Hera cheerfully said. ''Not helping. Let's get dressed.''

''How is my little mortal doing? Liked my gift?'' Hermes asked, grinning wildly. ''About ready to yank it off my feet and slap you with it,'' I replied. ''Oh, so you liked it? Great! You see, it has a matching toga that goes with it, and I'd be more than happy to send it to you!''
''You evil thing, you wouldn't dare!'' I gasped.

Got through it? Good for you!

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