07 May 2012


Hola, peoples!
You've arrived just in time to ''view'' part 3 of Kenna Wants a Room:
So let's see, we left off at.... Um, Katie and Kenna had just received their heart-warming welcome gift. So let's see what happens next!
 ''Things aren't always as they appear...'' Katie muttered.
 ''Kenna! I know what they are! These are candy fish, not real ones! And the salt is bath salt, not cooking salt!'' Katie exclaimed.
 Katie held out a candy fish to show Kenna.
 ''Urm, no thanks. I don't like fish either way,'' Kenna said and Katie plopped the candy into her mouth.
 ''But we still don't know who did this to us! And why?'' Kenna said.
 ''Well, there's only one thing we can do. Call in the suspects.''
 Felicity, they decided, was first. (After rearranging their room)
 ''Did you see anything? Did you do it?'' Katie roughly asked.
''No, but...'' Felicity let out a shriek after a curly haired girl came in. ''It's her!'' She said, eyes wide, as she pointed at Rebecca.
Was it Rebecca?
Or will Katie and Kenna find the real gift-giver?
P.S. Vote for me in the writing contest by emailing Nora at nora.demington@gmail.com and saying,
''I vote for Princess Katie (entry number six)''
Thanks! Remember, I'll have a you pick Ag outfit if I win!!!

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