25 May 2012

Doll-less Watermelons

Please excuse my horrible title. :)
Just a fair warning, this post mainly has only to do with watermelons and almost-summer-awesomeness. But if I were you, I'd read to the end (or skip down!).
  O thy beautiful watermelon! It already feels like summer. We had burgers and watermelons for lunch today, and the pool I go to opens on Memorial day! I still need to do school until June 16, and maybe even longer than that. *Shudders fearfully*
Watermelon: ''Please remove these knifes. They are much to close to me.''
Me: ''No! Bad watermelon!''
Watermelon: ''These are safety hazards! Not only to mankind, but WATERMELON-KIND, TOO! Wait, no, no I didn't mean it like that.... NO!!!''
He was yummy. Also please note I don't really talk to watermelons.... (when somebody's looking)
I also noticed I got 10 followers! Yay, thank you, new follower! I had a poll (a few days back) on what to do when I got 10 followers, and the highest was interview/guest post. Please check back for that...

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