08 May 2012


Time for another part of....
KENNA WANTS A ROOM! PART 4................
 They got Becca to sit down. ''No, it's not her. But I know it's somebody with brown or black hair!'' Felicity exclaimed.
 And so Becca was let out, or, A.K.A. (she got to sit and watch on the bunk bed)
 Samantha was next.
 ''No,'' said Felicity sadly.
 And so Samantha sat down...
 ''Honestly; why would I, um, do that? I'm not um, like that?'' Kanani said, making them laugh.
 And so they let Kanani sit...
 And then Kit got her turn.
 ''Kit's blond, we don't need to question her,'' Kenna said.
 ''So I don't get a turn just because of my hair? So unfair!'' Kit said.
 And so Kit stormed to the lower bunk.
 ''Okay, um, we know Molly wouldn't do that. She spends too much time reading and studying (disclaimer from Molly: I DO NOT!!!). But that leaves.... Ivy!''
 ''Why would she do that? She's my twin!'' Kenna wailed.
Did Ivy really do it?
Or are the girls hopelessly lost?
So, part 5 will hopefully be the last.

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