05 May 2012

The Not so 'Heart-Warming' Welcome Gift

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Today (May, fifth) is the day Spanish people (not only, but mostly) celebrate Mexican heritage! Wahoo! Let's eat some tacos, people!
Please, enjoy part 2 of Kenna Wants a Room,
(if you haven't read the last one scroll down a post or two. :))
The Not so 'Heart-Warming' Welcome Gift!
 ''But, you can always reject sharing this room and then we can turn it into something cool?'' Katie said, sounding slightly hopeful.
 ''No, I want you to be my room mate,'' Kenna said, pointing to Katie.
 Becca and Kit walked out, showing their disgust.
 Katie wasn't so sure though. ''Let's talk to Human about it.''
 When they got back (Human had decided it would be nice for Kenna and Katie to be room mates) Kenna gasped in surprise.
 ''What?'' Asked Katie.
Somebody had left them a 'heart-warming' welcome gift; except, it warmed nobody's heart. It was smelly fish and salt.
Will Kenna and Katie find out who left the not so 'heart-warming' gift?
Or will they be left to cope with it?
 I hoped you all liked it!

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