06 August 2014

August Book Haul

     [I put the ''August'' there because it makes the title look nicer, not because I plan on having a haul next month. You never know, though}

I usually only buy a book at a time, so nine books in three ''trips'' {two of those trips were online shopping} is a lot for me. Needless to say, no more books will be bought this month. XD

The first two books are Shatter Me and Unravel Me, the first two in a trilogy. I've loved this trilogy so far, but at moments I felt like the romance was stifling. I was sorta just drowning in it and I wanted some more action. 
All of that being said, Warner is the bae. Oh yes, I'm in love with the ''villain'' of the story. 
Click here to read the Goodreads blurb of the first book.

I've read Throne of Glass before but I never actually bought it until now. It's such such a good book. It was originally going to be a fairy tale retelling of Cinderella as an assassin, but it drifted away from the fairy tale part during writing and it's amazing. 
Basically, she's a beautiful assassin and she kicks butt. YAS.
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I haven't read this one yet, but it was the July youtube booksplosion {props if you know what that is} book.   I've heard it's a really good fantasy novel but the start is a bit slow.
the blurb is amazing, so you should probably go read that. Yeah. Do it. :)


Like I said, the Shatter Me trilogy just doused me in romance, so I've been looking for a couple of books without all of that. I haven't read Ready Player One yet either, but I'm assuming it's going to be one of those books, so, I'm excited.
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These are the first two books in the Grisha trilogy. I've read Shadow and Bone but not Siege and Storm yet. Shadow and Bone was so utterly good and I loved it. It had the right amount of romance, it's set in Russia, and it's such a dark and interesting world. It's diffidently up there in my favorite books, and I'm so excited to read Siege and Storm.
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Of what I have heard of We Were Liars is that it's better if you go into it not knowing a whole lot about it. But I've heard good things about the author, E. Lockhart, and also somebody {I forget who} called it the summer book of 2014. I'm excited.
It's also such a skinny little book, so I want to see what it can do to damage my feels in so little pages.
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I bought If I Stay as an ebook.
I was a light, easy read. I really enjoyed that a lot of it was centered on music. There was some ''deep thinking'' in the book that I didn't agree with, but I still really enjoyed it and would read it again.
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So that was it! :P I'm so excited to read the books that I haven't already. And I'm filling up my book shelf which is all WOOP WOOP. Now tell me if you've read any of these books or are planning to. Remember today that you're lovely and I love all of you. <4


Please be nice and respectful to each other.


p.s. you're looking fab today.