21 May 2014

Sky Scrapers

Sky scrapers. Say that word and let it roll off your tongue, filling the air around you.
I know it's just a tall building, but when you give it a name like that, it turns into something else entirely. Imagine walking around that building, when suddenly, something falls. 
''What was that?'' you ask your friend. 
''Just a piece of the sky,'' she replies casually, ''they're renovating this old thing again.''


Somebody unfollowed me. :( I mean, people have unfollowed me before, and I've never cared too too much, but I'm so close to 100 right now, ya know? It stings a little more this time. 

anyway, this:
fishingboatproceeds is John Green's tumblr. 


  1. wonderful post...you just love making my dream mind wander all over the place, don't you? ;) ♥
    ohhh dear I'm so sorry about someone unfollowing you! so sorry.
    haha, yes, John Green, waiting for you to take that cast.
    Tane ♥

    1. I do. ;)
      It'll be okay. There's never not going to be somebody who's willing to follow you, you've just got to wait for it. Someday I'll reach that 100. :)
      It made me laugh so much! Especially since I watch his youtube channel with his brother, I just know how amazing that'd be.

  2. That's beautiful :)
    About the skyscrapers. ;)
    WHO would un-follow you!?
    *sigh* oh well, some people have no sense of awesomeness ;)
    -Anna <3

  3. Great writing :) And the same thing just happened to me; I feel your pain :(


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