15 April 2014

This and That

cups. I like sweet delicate cups I like none of them matching. A cup of tea, a quilt, a candle, a book makes my soul purr! 
Can we talk about how much I've been loving drawing teacups lately? The best thing about them is that they don't have to look pretty. In fact, they look better messy.
Drinking orange juice in wineglasses is some sort of beautiful thing; and I enjoy it greatly.
I have found the perfect white summer dress. Being a tall person, it comes a little shorter on me, and that's okay. I was in Old Navy the other day {when I bought it}, and can we just talk about the dresses? They're so much nicer than they were last year. -claps-
Spring break has practically saved me. I needed a break from school, and dance was seriously kicking me in the butt {excuse my French}.
Did I talk about teacups? Teacups. WITH ORANGE JUICE IN THEM. -dies-
{love y'all. Happy Easter in advance!}


  1. Teacups are sooo pretty! And I love that dress!! I really want a nice summer dress, but it's hard cause I usually don't wear dresses lol. But it would be nice. :)

    1. I don't wear dresses a lot either! I mainly bought this one for Easter. And the struggle of being a tall girl: dresses that are appropriate lengths for other girls aren't for me. ;)
      I wish you luck with your dress-finding! hehe :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I love that dress! I have one kind of like it but it's lavender :)

    1. Ooooo, lavender! *sighs* It sounds pretty!


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