07 April 2014

A New Blog Design!

The amazing Rose re-designed my blog! Isn't lovely?
Go follow her and comment. ;) It was such a quick design but it still looks amazing. If you're looking for a new look to your blog, go take a peek at her design blog. I cannot recommend her enough.
I've had my blog re-designed a couple times but this time is my favorite.
So many people designing and re-designing has made my blog a bit of a mess, not to mention my own tinkering, but Rose totally fixed it.
To see what else Rose has done, take a look here! Aren't all these blogs lovely? Yes; yes, they are. And she's designed 78 other blogs, so, ya know she's pretty good at designing. Just putting that out there. ;)
Thank you so much Rose! I love it!
P.S. I read something {what that something is you may never know} and remembered that my blog used to be named Slipping Through My Fingers! Oh, Abba. <3

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