29 April 2014

Rain, and a Party

It started raining suddenly, without warning.
Pounding hard against her and the ground with a force.
Her head was heavy as she dropped to the ground.
Rain, rain, rain; and all she could remember were those dark blue eyes.
And that satisfies my need to write something semi-pretty.
This is my entry to Mackenzie's blog party! She posted about it a while ago, so I'm a bit late to the party. *he he* *snort*
1. What do you like most about my blog?
I really enjoy the snippets of writing you post, and your fangirling posts. Cuz girl, I totally just fangirl with you at those moments.
2. What are some tips/advice I could use to help improve my blog?
I love your blog and it is fantabulous and you need none of this so called ''improving''.
3. What is your favorite flower? (because, you know, it's spring.)I don't have a favorite flower! I have favorite chocolates, books, and colors but flowers? Nah. :)
That's it! If you would like to join the blog party click the link above for directions and be all late with me.


  1. Oh my goodness... Beautiful, just beautiful writing. *sniffles* it gave me the feelz... O_O

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ENTERING. <3 You're an awesome party person! ;) Don't worry darling, it is not late at all... so please, do not feel bad. <3 I've actually lost track of time. Oopsie.


    1. Well.... -blushes-

      Okay, whew. Haha. :)


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