21 June 2012

Six Months Ago...

I started this blog.
 December 22, 2011.
Okay, I know I'm a day early; but I have packing to do tomorrow.
I never thought it would improve any. It would just always be me, I thought, no followers. But I was so wrong. I  have 20 followers, 2,169 views, and people from USA, France, Australia, and Netherlands have viewed my blog. I'm so thankful!
I also want to thank Becca . Though she was my third follower {I think...}, we've done so much together. We email and we started two blogs together and we sometimes include each other in our posts! So, thank you, Becca. :o)
I'm changing my blog.
Don't get me wrong, I still love dolls! But all through out this half of a year I've really wanted to do some ''life'' posts. Things about stuff I like, about movies I want to review and other stuff. Since this is {was} a doll based blog, I thought it'd be wrong. Awkward. Bad, possibly.
It'll still be mostly about dolls, but I'll change the name and a few other things. I hope you understand; and it'll still be me writing!!!!! :)
On to other things....
My dolls and I want to celebrate with you! WOOT!! You have to wait until Saturday to see the celebration, though. :p

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