22 June 2012

Interview with Liz

Liz (from AmericanGirlFan) was so kind enough to let me interview her! Let's see how it went:
1. Why did you start American Girl Fan instead of still blogging on The Journey of 4 Dolls? 
I started AmericanGirlFan instead of continuing my first blog, because my dad owned an account on Typepad. Blogger is a great blog platform, and I would still be using it if I didn't have a Typepad account. The Journey of My 4 Dolls was a starting point for me, showing me how much fun sharing about my dolls was. It helped make AmericanGirlFan what it is today! :)

2. Who's your favorite doll (from AG) that you do not own?

 Hmm...that's a hard one!! I love Jess, the Girl of the Year 2006, Rebecca, Ruthie, All MAGs with red hair, MAG with curly black hair, freckles, and hazel eyes  and Lanie. I like pretty much like all American Girl dolls though, I wish I had room (and the money) to own them all! ;)

3. What encouraged you to start your Etsy shop, Itsy Bitsy Treats?

 My sister Hope was the one who got the idea to own an Etsy Shop. My mom had her own shop which looked really fun. I had started to research clay and how to make Doll Food, and Hope joined me. After making a few items, we tried to come up with a name. We thought up a few different names--ItsyBitsyBakery and CraftySisters, but those were taken. So, we finally thought of ItsyBitsyTreats. Hope makes a lot of the items now, while I'm busy doing my website, and she creates such cute things!!

4. Have there ever been a point in your life in which you didn't like AG dolls anymore?

 I don't think I have ever not liked American Girl, but when I was 12 years old I began to feel like I was getting too old to like them. Since AG marks it that way, I started to feel kind of sad, like I had to grow up. But, I pushed the thought away. I'm glad I did too! At 14 I started my website, and I want girls to know that they can enjoy any hobby at any age--even American Girl dolls.

5.  What is your favorite AG outfit which you own currently?

 I really love Cecile's dresses, especially her Parlor Outfit! I have some Retired Outfits too that will always be my favorites. I like the Gala Party Outfit from 2006, Mia's Outfits from 2008, Felicity's Tea Lesson Gown, Let it Snow Sleep Set from 2006, Sparkly Tunic and Jeans Outfit from 2006, and tons more!! 

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