15 June 2012

A simple thing to do....

So, you know when you have those empty mini-boxes of cereal, and you might be thinking something along the lines of : 'These would be perfect for my dolls, but I really don't want those little pointy flaps sticking up'.
You might simply tape them down, but then it's all shiny and a little weird. So what should you do? Let's find out:
 Gather all of your supplies, an adventure awaits! You'll need:
EMPTY mini-cereal box (s),
ruler (or you can guess)
See these flaps? So look at the pink one. On the very pointy top it's probably about 1 and a half inches.
 You want to cut off about a centimeter (or two) on both sides, so it's an inch (or just till it's an inch).
 Flip that thingy around! You may not be able to notice, but I highlighted 'Kellogg's' in pink. :)
 Take your scissors and poke a small hole to the left or right of the Kellogg's sign. You want to then cut it straight until it's about one inch and 2 centimeters long (so the flap can be stuck in). (You might need help in the poke the scissors in the pointy flap part)
 Take your 1 inch flap and insert the narrow part into the cut you just created. You might need to make the cut bigger, though.
 This is mine next to a un-opened box of Rice Krispies.
 I got so annoyed when I saw that Frosted Flakes are 'of corn'. It was like, ' Oh my goodness! I thought they were made of BLUEBERRIES!'
And your done! Woot! (I'll explain Rebecca's outfit later, can you tell? She's wearing a Bitty Baby skirt as a top.)
So, all in all it might have been better/easier to tape it. But this way, it's more realistic.


  1. Aw, never thought of that before!
    Remember my post on Friends Through Photos where you thought you were at the homeschool conference I have pictures of? I'd love to know if you were there, because then I probably know you, so email me! :D


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