05 June 2012

Link Love

So, a few days ago I asked the Spicys if I could do ''Link Love''.
What is Link Love?
Link Love is one way to show bloggie friends you've liked/enjoyed their posts! It's a fun and nice thing to do, I encourage you to do it (what if lots of bloggers started doing Link Love; the Spicys would be famous!)!
1. Let's all welcome Rory to her new home!
2. Check out the new Katniss doll (from The Hunger Games) at Becca's World!
3. It looks a little rainy at The Mini Dolls' Mini Adventures!
4. Check out this new yummy blog I'm following.... now I need to make a list!
That's all for today! If you'd like your blog to be shown on future Link Loves, please comment here or follow me!
P.S. I noticed I got 15 followers! Thank you! I won't have a giveaway, (because my 10 followers interview is still going on :) but when I reach 30 I think I'd be happy to get something at an AG place....


  1. Hi Madeline!

    Link Love is really cool! I just looked at all of the blogs, plus the Spicy's blog, and they're all great. Thanks for doing this!


    P.S. Please come check out my blog at www.itsmylifebygrace.blogspot.com

    1. You're welcome! I'd love to check out your blog!


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p.s. you're looking fab today.