26 June 2012

Interview with the Spicys!

Woah, I've been on a roll! Today I'm interviewing The Spicys!

1. How did you find out about American Girl?
Kay Jun: That was pretty much back in the dinosaur age, so I don't remember totally. I think my grandma sent me a catalog.
Holly Pino: I don't remember! It was around when I was six or seven when I really got interested in them.

2.Who was the first Spicy, and why?

 Kay Jun's first Spicy was Samantha (Not featured as one of the Spicy Six.) She choose her because she like the time period she came from. Holly Pino's first Spicy was a GOTZ doll, who ironically was very similar in looks to Samantha. Those were the very first Spicys, and we will always love them forever!

 3. Which Spicy blogs the most?
Kay Jun blogs most on The Spicys, but we try and keep it fairly even. We both have personal blogs, and Holly posts more on her blog.

4. Do you have any other blog(s)?
As we said above, we both have personal blogs . We have both been blogging for several years on diffrent blogging platforms.

5. Do you make your own doll clothes (or have you ever tried)?
Holly Pino used to make doll clothes quite often! She has not in recent years but she used to be quite good. Kay Jun has never really "completed" an outfit for her dolls before, but she hopes to soon!

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