21 August 2013

My Wall.

There's this special place in my room... er, rather, wall in my room. Not only does it make me really happy to look at, but it's the only wall in my room that is decorated {excluding paint and that stuff--you know ;)}.
I thought I'd share it with you {click on the pictures to enlarge}:

 First off, we have valentines my mother made me {Just incase you needed it: on Valentine's day}

 The last of the valentines and a wonderful beach-y quote:

The cure for anything is saltwater:
Sweat, tears, or the sea.
{~ Isak Dinesen}

A horrible done quote {I tried to make it look pretty, but I did a horrible job on that, so--no show-y!}, this fake tattoo that also sticks to walls, and a little paper thingy that proudly states that these ''daffodils were hand picked in the fertile green fields of Ireland.''

 A quote that was SO much better done. I can actually show you guys this one. ;)

 I have a little list thingy on my wall to write down anything I want to remember--mainly names of books I want to read. See any you've read on this list?
 A Rapunzel drawing that you probably can't see very well.
 Pictures of some old paintings...
And overall my whole wall {and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green}.

What do you think? Do you have anywhere in your room that is super special to you?


  1. I like your wall - it's super cute! :) I love how it's filled with things that are special to you!!!

    I don't really have a special wall - I fill up ALL my walls (and the doors) with random stuff, so it looks kind of claustrophobic. :D I like the idea of just having one wall though! heehee

    1. Thank you!

      Haha! I don't have enough hanging stuff that I like, I guess. ;) And mainly it's because I can sit at my desk and look at it.



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