09 May 2013

Spirit Ink // Review

Spirit Ink is an etsy shoppe that sells fake tattoos. All of their tattoos {unless in a collection} come in two, a large one of whatever design you're ordering and a exact smaller one. They have something for everyone and all of their tattoos are so pretty. :)

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing tattoos from Spirit Ink. :)

Founders Hayon, Jennifer and Sophia, friends since elementary school, have always had a fascination with tattoos. But being deathly afraid of needles didn’t help with their desire for getting inked. On a quest for temporary tattoos, the only selection found were of kitschy dragons and Chinese characters.

The girls then decided to collaborate to make SPIRIT INK, a fresh take on temporary tattoos, for those who also appreciate the artistry but who don’t want to commit to the permanency or pain. The SPIRIT INK girls hand cut and pack every order and hope to bring a little joy to each customer.

{From Spirit Ink's website}


Spirit Ink Temporary Tattoo - Balloon  

Spirit Ink Temporary Tattoo - Eighth Note 

Spirit Ink sent me a temporary arrow tattoo and a temporary chevron tattoo

It came undamaged with a postcard {yay! I like sending people pretty letters/postcards...} and clear, easy-to-follow instructions on how to put on my tattoos. 

 The smaller arrow tattoo.
 {That's a sink, I promise.} The larger chevron tattoo
Smaller chevron tattoo {that's my little brother's arm}

Clear, easy-to-follow instructions
The tattoos came off easily using the time instructions suggested
Looks nice
Didn't start to chip for a day {I'm usually pretty active and always doing something so I was impressed.}

It was hard to remove the plastic on the smaller tattoos. 
The ''invisible shine''. It's hard to describe; because it's more of a thing you need to see. See if you can see it around my tattoos. 

I quite liked these! It took about a minute to put both tattoos on and it was very easy. It's also just fun to look at. :) 

I give these tattoos/Spirit Ink...

Five stars!! {1-5}  

Would I buy a tattoo from Spirit Ink?

Totally! I had lots of fun with this review and it satisfied my desire to ''get inked'' for a while. {Now you know another thing about me; I want to get tattooed when I'm old enough but probably won't. ;)}

Would I suggest you buy one?

If you find a design you like, yes. It's easy to put on and the price isn't bad. It's two dollars rounded up {in other words, $1.95}, so that would be like one dollar for each tattoo {they come in a set of two}. 


I received these free of charge for the sole purpose of reviewing,
this is a totally honest review and all of my review are my own words. 

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