02 April 2013

A little bit rant-y, me with a pixie cut, and my birthday.

It's ridiculously hard for me to type. That's making me slightly annoyed, because I'm a writer. Dude; this is what I do all day long {having done school the night before}. The reason WHY it's ridiculously hard for me to type will be answered in a second post.

First off, my birthday!
I'm not actually allowed to tell you when my birthday is {quite frankly, you're lucky you get to see my face/know how old I am}, so let's just assume it was sometime within this month.
MY BIRTHDAY WAS AWESOME! My birthday present was getting my ears second pierced and the old verison of some Sweet Valley High books {along with a few other things}. I'm a bit weird, but I just like to go places. For my birthday we went to the mall {which had a Claire's}, a bookstore, a cupcake place, Five Below {I love that place}, and Dairy Queen. All in all, I had a lovely {if not slightly tiring} day.

My pixie cut! I am allowed to show you may face but these were taken accidentally and looked a lot better than my ones which had my face in them. 

It's not a very good picture, so sometime I'll try to get y'all a picture so you can see the cut better. 

This is just because this hammy is adorable.

My second post is coming after a ''short'' pinterest break. ;D


  1. Happy Birthday (late and whenever it was ;))! The pixie cut is soo cute! :)

  2. I LOVE THE PIXIE CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!! I love the little Hammy too:D



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