10 April 2013

WHO UNFOLLOWED ME?!?! .......{no, no, just kidding. This is a tag. Rather.}

In-case you frantically skipped the title to the words you're reading right now, no, no, go back up and read the rest.
{I assume that will be enough time for you to have read the title.}
If you were the lovely person that unfollowed me, I don't really mind too much. I'm actually following some blogs that I'd rather not, so... yeah {it's not that I don't like them, it's that I just don't read them too often}. :O

So, Kara posted a fashion tag and said anybody who wanted it could do it. Since I don't really have anything to post you about, I'm ''stealing'' it.

{not my picture}

1. How would you describe your style?
To quote Kara {the link is above}: ''I want to be comfortable, but I wanna look nice, too...'' In my own words ;), I want to be comfortable, but I'm saving my favorite big worn-down shirt for when I'm stuffing myself with Easter candy and watching Doctor Who, or Burn Notice on Tuesday... something like that. :) 

2. What are your wardrobe staples?
It tends to change with every once and a while, but currently I'm loving flow-y white shirts and jeans with ''natural'' rips {as in made by my own hard work for about three months, rather than pre-ripped}.

3. Most expensive clothing item you own?
Probably a navy {with white polka-dots!} dress from Land's End.  

4. Most wanted item?
Any sort of lace shirt {hopefully with the solid color cloth behind them, but if not, I'd wear a white/black shirt under it}.

5. Favorite designer?
I don't have one.

6. How much do you spend on clothing?
Usually $5-20 dollars. I would like to start shopping some at Thrift Stores, though, because: I. Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Lewis {I think that was it}, and, II. you can find pretty cool things there for usually a lot less than the store they came from.

7. Favorite places to shop?
Forever 21 {I don't like their skirts/shorts, however}, Old Navy... haha, I hate to admit it but most of my clothes come from Walmart while I'm shopping for Progresso soup {no shame.}. One of these days I need to go somewhere with the intent to just shop for clothes.

8. Favorite Fragrance?
Paris in Bloom by Bath and Body Works. I absolutely love it but it was a limited edition from B&BW. I got it in a ''misty thingy'' and those seem to last a lot longer, so... yeah.

9. Favorite way to do your hair?
I don't actually do my hair. One, I have a pixie cut, and two, I'm lazy. Half a side of head hair sticking up? Who cares! May horrify children with my scary hair? Luckily I'm home schooled and go to places like Wal-mart in the morning.

10. Most prized possession?
Clothing wise, probably my red jumper {a shirt and shorts sewn together. It's nicer than it sounds.}. I haven't worn it yet, but soon it'll be warming and I'll be rocking it. ;)

I'm guessing you're just suppose to tag a random amount of people. Will do as bloggers cross my mind.

So now, I TAGGGG......

1. Storyteller from Rubberboot Girl
2. Laura from Randocology
3. Carolyn from Truly, Utterly, Carolyn
4. And anybody who wants to do it. I'm not picky. ;)


  1. Thanks so much for the award, Madeline!! :)

    So sorry that somebody unfollowed you. :( Every time that happens to me I like get a heart attack moment and then feel like crying... =P

    1. You're welcome!

      Oh, it's okay. There are lots of good reasons one could have for unfollowing me, so I try to be ''cool'' with it. :)

  2. You're awarded! pinkmels.blogspot.com

    Melody :)

    1. Thank you! I don't do awards/tags often, but I'll check it out anyway. :D

  3. Bahaha! I love this post!!!! You are adorable :)
    I like Wal-Mart tooo! Yayyyy!
    I confess I did skip the title... but I reread it, since you told me to. :D

  4. Aw, thank you!
    Wal-Mart is amazing. Some of the shoppers in pajamas not so much....
    Thanks! :)

    1. Hahahahaha!!!!!!! I have noticed that a bunch of my friends are disturbed by the Wal-Mart-pajama-shoppers. LOL Maybe because they feel like Wal-Mart is their second home!? hahaha
      So, since we occasionally talk very randomly... I thought you should know... I'm listening to my Podi (also known to the rest of the world known as normality as something called an "iPod") alphabetically at the moment (although I skip 4/5 of the songs because I'm not in that mood at the moment...) and I'm on "O". I have a BUNCH of "overtures" on my iPod... most of them start out loudly. So, my iPod - I mean Podi! - keeps startling me... Yikes!

  5. Hello!

    I awarded you an award! Please go check it out http://mydollsandmeag.blogspot.com/ there!

    Thanks. :)

    1. I'll check it out, but I don't always do tags/awards. :)


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