27 April 2013

Hair: Shorter and shorter it gets

I like to do up my hair. Well, I liked to. I have a pixie cut now, so it's considerably harder. ;) Since I have nothing to post to you about and I haven't done it in a while, let's talk about mine for a while.

March-ish of 2012, it was this length:

It's harder to tell how long it was then because of the fish-tail braid, so I'll just say it was almost waist-length. 

June of 2012: I got it cut to around my chin, and I do not have a picture of that. Or I gave up after one search of my pictures. Whatever.

November 2012:

It was a little past shoulder length and I got side bangs. I think I kept the length of the lower hair the same but I let the side bangs grow out more.

January of 2013:
 I got my pixie cut. {sorry for the weird expression here.... I'm not sure what I was looking at/doing...}

Currently it has grown out a lot more and is looking more shabby. I think I want to let it grow out so I'm just going to be looking weird for the next couple of months. :)

I think I want to get it cut like this when it grows longer. {not my picture, from Pinterest}

 I'll post about something more interesting next. Or at least I'll try to.


  1. ooo I love your pixie cut! Looks great on you!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love it! :D It's so beautiful and so are you.



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