02 April 2013

I'm not sure if these are fake nails or some sort of device to annoy me.

 I went to Wal-Mart, expecting to come back with mint nail polish in my hand, but instead came back with this. I'm still not quite sure how that happened. {I actually only bought the fake nails. The red thingy is a nail care packet}

I'm still not sure how I feel about these. Yes, they are pretty, but they rather just don't look right on me. AND IT'S SO HARD TO DO THINGS WITH THEM. However, they are excellent for scratching. So there we have it.


  1. Hi Madeline:) Those nails will be hard until you get used to them:D I had a friend who did them once and she could hardly do anything that involved fingers:D I think they are cute on you! And I adore your hair cut!!!


    1. Hi! Yes, they are getting much better. Thank you, thank you! I love my haircut, but I think I'm ready to be braiding it already. :) That's going to be a while, though.

  2. Lolll.... I love your posts. :) They are always so amazing! :)
    Bahaha! I've never tried out fake nails, but I think it's on my bucket list. I remember my cousin saying that she had trouble playing piano with them. :D
    Btw, why did you end up not getting the mint green nail polish? :)
    Today I was shopping and saw a fake purple nail lying in the parking lot. Yeah. I thought you should know that, for some reason...

    1. Thank you, thank you!
      At first it was REALLY hard to do anything but now it's getting easier. The glue doesn't stick very well, though.
      Because the only one they had was Essie and their nail polishes cost $8.
      Thank you. I like random sort of information like that. In return, here is a piece of random information from my life: I like to crumble my cookies ''up'' before I eat them. I think it makes them last longer. :)

    2. Ahhh, I didn't reply to this! Well, I'm replying now...
      You're welcome! :)
      Interesting! I'm glad you have recovered the use of your hands :) Perhaps wearing fake nails and being able to still use one's hand is a skill I should work on learning...
      Ahhh, I see. I bought cheapo nail polish but it started chipping after around 48 hrs. (which tempted me to pick it off and then I was eventually forced to remove it with the dreadful nail polish remover) so maybe I should seriously invest in my teal polish next time... :D
      That is amazing!!! Occasionally I dip my cookies in milk (if they are uber-hard cookies, anyway) but then when I drink the milk, it tastes like cereal milk (cuz of the random cookie crumbs in it). Sorry if that was graphic...


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