27 March 2013

I don't want to be productive.

I don't want to be productive,
I want to eat Nutella and browse Pinterest all day,
I don't want to take pictures of interesting things to post to you about,
I want to sleep and eat and browse Pinterest all at the same time, 

I don't want to see people tomorrow,
So now I'm just going to go cry and eat Nutella and wish today would never end. 

{This is my weird little poem. Because, DUDE. I'm going to have to do STUFF tomorrow.}
{Also, I have nothing against people. I'm just a little Haymitch-y.}
{AND I actually do have some interesting things to post about. So let's just dance to some 80's song and eat Nutella.} 


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  1. Yo sound like you really like Nutella! So do I!! :P


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