01 March 2013

{Oh, Look! A English Muffin Eating Monkey!}

{And I've been telling myself the creativity was sucked out of my brain...}

Okay. As blogging-failure {part-time}, I've decided to suddenly tell you that I am alive and dump this on you:

I got a pixie-cut! It was shoulder-length before, and I'll post pictures probably tomorrow or so.

I have some special things planned for y'all {I promise I haven't been totally in-active while I haven't been blogging....}

{I think it's snowing... no, this wasn't one of the important things, but I just noticed a snowflake. I'm still flushing an ice cube down the toilet, however}

My birthday is coming up soon!

And.... ya. I have plenty of mental blog posts ready for y'all, I just haven't had time to take pictures. {Yes, pictures! How exciting! I haven't taken/posted pictures in two months and eighty one days {not to be exact.}}

I think that's it. My dry brain is begging for juice {it actually hurts--I need to write more} so I better go and watch another Psych {recently found.... I'm watching the episodes on Netflix}


    New episode came out yesterday-but I only have netflix, so I can't see.

  2. BAHAHAHA! Did you know that Brits don't have English muffins? When I was in England I showed them an English muffin and they said, "What is that?" hahaha The closest thing they have are crumpets, which are sorta like English muffins but bouncier. Spongier. Okay, hard to explain...


    Congrats on your haircut and happy b'day in advance! Welcome to the seniors club! (Just kidding)

    1. THEY DON'T HAVE ENGLISH MUFFINS?!?! Why in the world are they called English muffins, then?!

      lol, thank you!


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