24 March 2013

You Probably Knew This Post was Coming.

You probably did, you smartie.

I'm on Bloglovin' now.

You can follow my blog via Bloglovin' {there's a gadget on the left sidebar}, and if you followed me before but no longer wish to, happy birthday! Wish granted. ;)

Anyway, some info for those who know not what Bloglovin' is. Google Reader {and supposedly GFC} is closing, so you can read blogs on Bloglovin' now. It will also import the blogs that you followed before using Google Reader or GFC.
If you don't have one, I would suggest getting one. A whole lot of bloggers are using it now, and they follow blogs with it, so it's just good to have one. Yeah. Yeah. Yeaaaahhhhhhhh. :O


  1. Whaaa!? *pitifully sad face*
    Blogger is changing!? Not again!
    It was bad enough when Google Buzz left...

    1. In ten years, twelve year olds probably won't know what Google Reader is.
      Right now, however, I don't know what Google Buzz is! I probably wasn't blogging when it closed.


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