04 March 2013

Creativity is a lovely thing

Guess what?!
The juices came back! {Oh dear, I hope you read my previous post...} {in case you didn't, my apple juices ran away {I really thing they did...} ;) } 
And.... I re-designed my blog! If you were wondering about ''Lilica James'' { pronounced like lie-LIC-a} I just like how it sounds. And no, I've never meet somebody by the name, or have seen anybody with that name {well, I could have. I don't typically ask strangers their names.}.

I tried to show you the pictures of my hair cut but the computer couldn't download them. :p I have a bunch of photos I've never posted, though, so never fear!

Later Gator.

P.S. Ahhh.... the juices! My brain is dripping wet with creativity! WAA-HAA-HAA!


Please be nice and respectful to each other.


p.s. you're looking fab today.